Drink from cabbage against cancer!

It is a known fact that the cabbage is full of vitamins and minerals. It contains large amounts of calcium, potassium, magnesium, dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin A, and is an excellent fighter against common cold, viral infections and influenza.

Nutritionists are saying that pork or other meat should be eaten with cabbage because it absorbs the fat and makes them digestible. Improves digestion and is an excellent diuretic, lowers blood pressure, and is effective for cleaning the blood vessels. It is known for protection against colon cancer while the cabbage juice lowers blood sugar levels and treats gastritis.

Drink from cabbage against cancer1

It also has benefits for the memory, concentration, improves heart function and protects against anemia.

Preparation of this drink is very simple.

Cut one cabbage on half and blend it well in a blender. Then, add 1 dl of water and squeezed juice from half a lemon.

You should drink this drink as soon as you prepare it. Do not store it in order to drink it for couple of hours.