Do you purchase the right toilet paper?

Researchers are showing that it is not indifferent what kind of toilet paper we will use. Toilet paper comes in daily contact with the most intimate parts of our body, but we rarely focus on its quality when we buy it.

On the market we can find various types of paper such as smelly, recycled, bleached and so on, so the question is how to choose the best paper for our family?

1. Tag: Ultra

Hidden ingredient: Formaldehyde

A survey done in 2010 shows that the toilet paper containing this ingredient can cause irritation of the skin and have some cancerous feature. Formaldehyde is used to improve the resistance of the paper to moisture when it gets wet.

2. Tag: With lotion

Hidden ingredient: Mineral petroleum-based oils

Although there is insufficient data on the safety of this type of toilet paper some users say they noticed a stinging sensation during usage.


3. Tag: Recycled

Hidden ingredient: BPA – Bisphenol A

Recycled toilet paper is usually rougher than other papers. However, the bad side is exactly the BPA compound. It can have negative consequences on the health. It is associated with heart disease, diabetes, thyroid problems, hyperactivity and cancer.

4. Tag: PCF or ECF

Hidden ingredient: Bleach derivatives

PCF indicates that there is no chlorine in the paper and it is noted in recycled paper because with the chlorine is used during manufacture. ECF means that chlorine dioxide is used instead of elemental chlorine. PCF is more desirable option because it indicates that the paper is recycled.

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