Do you have cold hands and feet?

Hands and feet are cold when they do not receive enough hot blood that brings oxygen and nutrients. The most common reason is exposure to cold air. The cause may be some larger existing health problem, but whatever it is, you can take a lot to relieve symptoms.

Although cold limbs can be unpleasant and even painful, the problem is not serious. If you are not well protected from the cold, and especially if you smoke or you are tired, weak and strained – peripheral arteries are hardening. This restricts blood flow to the arms and legs because the body tries to keep the heat in other parts of the body.

Cold Hands

Cold limbs can be the result of hormonal instability before menstruation or lack of nutrients in the blood, for example, when someone is in a very strict diet or suffers from food disorders. In addition, the problem can occur during the incubation period prior to infection.

Prevent the cold hands and feet and the formation of frostbite in four simple ways:

1. Dress warmly when it’s cold weather

2. Stop or reduce smoking

3. Exercise more often

4. Eat regular, nutritious meals so the body had fuel and speed up the metabolism in order to create heat. It is better to eat more frequent, smaller meals rather than one or two big day.

Avoid heavy, fatty meals, which dragged the blood from the limbs in the stomach and intestines for several hours after eating. Eat every week three portions of oily fish to encourage production of prostaglandins (substances like hormones that help to keep the blood flowing smoothly through the veins and arteries).

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