Djokovic’s diet: What keeps Novak Djokovic in shape?

It is not a secret that the best player in the world, Novak Djokovic, practices gluten-free diet, and here is what is on his table every day.

His daily diet consists of nuts, vegetables, eggs, fresh meat, fish, chicken, fruit and certain dairy products. Starches and grains and such as corn, rice, potatoes and buckwheat, are also a part of the diet, but he avoids using them if they have added preservatives and additives.

“I have lost my weight with this diet. It also helped me a lot for my body movement and made me more flexible and stronger” said Novak Djokovic in one interview.

What keeps Novak Djokovic in shape

Breakfast: Grapefruit, tea, gluten free bagel with cream cheese and eggs prepared in any way

Lunch: Salad, grilled hamburger, french fries, Somun or bread, but without gluten, mayonnaise, iced tea.

Snack: Thin slice of hard cheese

Dinner: Salad with oil and vinegar, salmon with lemon and butter, vegetables and brown rice and some gluten free chocolates.

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