Dental hygiene – avoid the most common mistakes

Daily hygiene is extremely important for maintaining oral health. Appropriate brushes, toothpaste, dental floss (or interdental brushes) and additional resources such as guides for rinsing are basic resources for the preservation of healthy teeth and gums.

Here are some of the most common mistakes:

1. Too rough brushing

Rough brush in combination with your excessive grip is not the best option for healthy and beautiful teeth – can damage the gums. Clean your teeth at least two minutes twice a day with a gentle circular motion of the brush.

brush teeth

2. You use wrong toothpaste

If you have a healthy teeth can use any pasta. But if you have any problems, especially if you have sensitive gums, use toothpaste specially created for this kind of problem.

3. You are skipping the brushing of the teeth

The bacteria in our mouth develops in caries that harms our teeth. This process happens in a period of 24 hours. Do not forget to brush your teeth because in this way you increase the risk of carious teeth.

4. You are drinking a lot of carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks in excessive quantities are not healthy for your teeth. Reduce their intake or to try to minimize it contact with your teeth.

teeth as tool

5. You are using your teeth as a tool

Opening a bottle, chips or some other things with your teeth is very bad for them. Over time, teeth can weaken and even break.

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