De Niro: I’m sorry that I withdrew the movie for the vaccine!

De Niro said that he is sorry because he had to withdraw the controversial movie from the Tribeca festival in which the vaccine is associated with autism. He also said that his child has changed overnight after immunization.

I’m sorry that I withdrew the movie about the vaccine! (1)

The actor and founder of the Tribeca festival was severely criticized when he announced the screening of Vaxxed: From Cover up To Catastrophe. But, soon after that he has changed his mind since he suffered too much pressure. He said that he is not against the vaccine, but he stands for a reliable vaccine. But the question is whether there is a safe vaccine. The actor said that he made the decision to withdraw the movie because he did not want the controversy to affect the event. However, he advises us to watch the movie.

“I just wanted people to see the movie and decide by themselves”. De Niro who has 18-year-old son with autism said that he hoped the film would initiate a discussion.

I’m sorry that I withdrew the movie about the vaccine! (2)

Many things are not spoken. As nobody wants to deal with, or claims that it investigated and it is not over. However, it is not true, because many people claim that their children have changed overnight after vaccination. My wife says it happened on my son. I do not remember it, but my child has autism. As a parent of a child with autism, I am concerned, and I want to know the truth.

The actor also believes that people should look at another documentary, “Trace Amounts”, which focuses on the link between autism and the vaccine for which there is no hard evidence. He wants to influence to overcome the backlash conversation on this subject in public. Part of me regrets that I withdrew from the movie, and one part says that you have to let that story and to cope with the matter in a different way.

“I think it is very complicated. I’m not a scientist, but I know it because I saw it in the reaction of the people. I am not against the vaccination- I am for safe vaccination, he said. In the documentary there are claims that the US government is changing the data linking the vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella with the growing number of children with autism.