Dark circles below your eyes are indicating a serious disease

Dark circles that are appearing under your eyes are not only an aesthetic problem, but can also indicate a serious health problem. You may be trying to hide them with different preparations and their occurrence was mostly attributed to genetics, but maybe it’s time to stop ignoring them and to realize as a warning that it’s time to visit your doctor. For example, if you have dark circles under the eyes and they are swollen, maybe there is a problem with water retention and creation of fatty tissue in the area around the eyes. On the other hand, if they are just dark, then it may be due to an increased flow of blood out of the blood vessel walls of tissue where they dissolve.

Here are some other diseases that can be hidden behind the dark circles below your eyes:

  1. Symptoms of anemia

Symptoms of anemia

If you notice that you have dark circles that are turning into hanging bags for a long time, jump and test your blood. Anemia is one of the most common causes of dark circles below your eyes, which is accompanied by headache, fatigue and poor concentration.

  1. Kidney and liver problems

If the skin under your eyes becomes excessively pigmented combined with significant swelling, it indicates to problems in the kidneys and excess fluid retention in the body

  1. Excessive alcohol consumption

It is known that excessive alcohol consumption is bad for the whole organism. What suggests a serious problem with the work of the organism and a sign that it’s time to stop consuming alcohol are the prominent dark circles under the eyes

  1. Increased cholesterol and hormonal disruption

Increased cholesterol and hormonal disruption

Pay attention to yellow brown spots that appear around the area of your eyes. They are caused by high cholesterol in the body and hormonal disruption. They can also be a sign of more serious problems in the liver and thyroid gland

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