Dangers that are hiding in the sponges for dishwashing

Sponges are the dirtiest items in that you can find in your kitchen and it is very difficult to keep them clean”, says microbiologist Manali Sharma.

A study that was conducted by US scientists from the laboratory for food safety, has shown that 76% of sponges contain bacteria, 85% contain fungi and mold, while 19% have a staphylococcal infection, which can be dangerous for humans and can contribute to serious infection in the blood, lungs and heart.

Dangers that are hiding in the sponges for dishwashing

Why sponges are so dirty?

While we are cleaning in the kitchen, bacteria and other microorganisms are staying on the sponge”, explains Sharma.

Sponges in restaurants

Usually, it is forbidden to use sponges in kitchens of restaurants, because with so many dirty dishes, a lot more bacteria multiplies.

-“Safe kitchen is dry kitchen without wet sponges and towels, which allow microorganisms multiple.”

Dangers that are hiding in the sponges for dishwashing2

How should be the sponge cleaned?

If only squeeze the sponge and wash it with running water, you have done nothing. Researchers advise to put wet sponge for one minute in the microwave to destroy the bacteria. However, be very careful. The sponge should be wet so it can not catch a fire but should not contain any metal wires.

Also, 10% hydrogen or lemon juice can help. Researchers advise that the most effective way to clean the sponge is five minutes sinking in hydrogen. Mix a little hydrogen in water and soak the sponge. However, the best is much more likely to change with new sponge.

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