Cure the tinnitus, the buzzing sound in ears

Tinnitus, buzzing sound in ears, irritating, unpleasant and constant sound in your head can be a symptom of some other diseases such as:

  • Problems with waist
  • Increased blood pressure and hypertension
  • Ear disease

Very often tinnitus is associated with anxiety.

Rough estimates show that 7% of women and men throughout life visit a physician due to such problems. Serious tinnitus, which significantly disrupts people’s lives, occurs in 1 in 100 cases.


Read the following natural remedies that might help you with tinnitus:

1. Wheat bran – remedy for tinnitus

Take three tablespoons of wheat bran and one tablespoon dried/fresh red roses.  Put everything together in 3dl red wine. Put it on fire and let welds, then drain it. Resulting sediment wrap it in gauze or a clean cloth and hold it on the ear.

2. Almond oil

Soak a small cloth in almond oil and place it on your ear. Repeat the procedure several times until you heal the tinnitus. Almond oil can be combined with chamomile.

3. Corn flour

Put 1 tablespoon corn flour in 2 dl water. Mix it well and leave it to stand for one night. In the morning stir it well and drink it. Repeat it for 3 weeks. You should not drink alcohol and eating pork during the treatment.

4. Tincture of arnica

If you have tinnitus, put 2 to 3 drops and close your ear with a towel. You can also take a cloth soaked in camphor and put it on the ear for 3-4 seconds, repeating the procedure 25 minutes.

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