Conquer the negative thoughts and difficult moments

12516623_10208743520372299_1053690328_oSurely you know that if you have negative thoughts, they attract negativity in your life, right? And if you have positive thoughts, they attract positive things.

In short: What are your thoughts – such is your life.

But if we know this, why we persistently have negative thoughts?


The negative energy is destructive and as such it destroys, splits and cuts apart from everything that is good in this world, and it creates fear in people. Fear, except that keeps us in constant spasm, it makes us to have negative perspective through which we transfer the negativity in our lives.

For example, imagine that we are afraid of locusts and we panic whenever we see them. From our fear we have created the phobia, which is another name for the fear and every time we find ouselfs in an environment that is very likely to have locusts, we will repeat 1,000 times that at least one would wrap us in our hair, will jump on our shoulder, etc., but not because it wants to, but because we have called it with our fear and negative feelings. It is actually a negative assumption that something will certainly happen.

This is where the change of perspective appears through which observe the situation. Awareness about to be afraid of something sheds light on the fear, so that it lights up and makes that fear go away. If we become aware of it, if we exclude our thoughts for a moment and if we find ourselves in the silence of our soul – the fear will disappear. Then the phobia and the negative thouhhts will disappear by themselves.

Let the locust be an analogy for all the negative situations that you can specify as an example of your fear. The negative energy that we broadcast is actually a way to defend ourselves, some kind of shield, which we have made for ourselves to hide from our fear. Therefore, we need to change the perspective and realize that we can have some control over what happens to us in our life.


There are two ways through which we can achieve this:

12527821_10208743518292247_757555071_nThe first one is when negative thoughts arise, for example during a movie, with scenes of the most severe accidents, become aware that you are watching the movie, not that you experience it. Watch it to the end, and let your thoughts to do what they do best, and that is to make movies. Imagine without fear the worst scenario in which you suffer and continue thinking. Your mind will probably wonder why you don’t interrupt it, from where this new phenomenon in you where you have no fear of those images that are imposed. Just observe and let it to finish. Once, twice and it will stop by itself. Then you will be free from the influence of thoughts on you.

The other way is when you feel that your thoughts make you think negatively, concentrate yourself on yours breathing and go back to consciousness at a given moment. When you begin to think – I’m not good, I’m not worth, I do not deserve this – Recognise them and reset them with proper breathing.

This way is ideal for an introduction to meditation and understanding of the power in the present moment. It is only a wish for change and having a need for it.