Chemtrails: German television reports about the horror that nobody talks

Public pressure in recent years has become too big for governments to remain silent, and to find various excuses that were trying to cover the reality all these years.

A show about dangerous chemicals was released on the German national television ZDF. And while many people still do not believe that unmarked planes are circling and spraying the atmosphere with various toxins, in the countries of Europe it is main theme.

Of course, in the show was not presented the whole truth but half the truth, because if they were honest, they would create general chaos and panic among the population. They said that in this way they are actually preventing the global warming, reduceing the sun’s energy that reaches the planet. Since this is a serious problem that threatens mankind – global warming, they had to create a certain kind of protection between the Sun and Earth. In this way they assure the people that these traces of various hazardous chemicals are used for the benefit of humanity.

The question is how they thought that the people would believe this?

German publicly admit that there are unmarked planes that carry and release sulfur that on high temperature is converted into sulfur dioxide.

How is it possible to release sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere that is highly toxic, which could not kill us and all vegetation on Earth, but there is no answer to this question. But they do not only spray sulfur dioxide.

The toxins (chemtrails) that are released into the atmosphere and falling on us are also aluminum, various viruses and heavy metals that could literally destroy the earth in “natural” way.