Carefull: Check the numbers on the label before you buy fruits

Every man today has a little fear about the food he consume because we are surrounded with toxins. But there are still several ways to avoid them. From now on, when you are buying imported fruits, pay more attention to the numbers which are written on the label.

Do you know what do the numbers on the stickers on bananas, apples

If this code, which is called PLU code, consists of four numbers that begin with “3” or “4”, it means that the fruit is treated under agricultural rules that were applicable in the second half of the twentieth century. This means that there are great chances that the manufacturer has used chemical fertilizers. If the fruit which you intend to buy has a sticker that has five numbers in the PLU code, of which the first one is “8”, it means that it is a genetically modified product. It would be the best if you return the product to the ledge from which you took it.

Do you know what do the numbers on the stickers on bananas, apples1

If the fruit has five digits in the PLU code, and the first one is “9”, that means it is healthy, organic product, raised in the old-fashioned way, that is, traditionally, without artificial fertilizers and pesticides.