Celery and its healing properties

Celery is a plant with extraordinary medicinal properties, but it is rarely present in our diet. It is commonly used for cooking soup because of the pleasant smell or taste, but few of us really know that it is very healthy.

celery and its healing properties2

Its stem is the most healing part in whole plant. Because of that, when buying celery it is recommended to the ingredient with longer stems in order to be able to make a better use of it. It’s great as a seasoning for many of the food, and the root can also be used as an ingredient for salads. It is excellent as a solution in the fight with the accumulation of kilograms. Large stem contains only 10 calories! Nibble it for lunch or as a snack at work, but you can also add it into soups and sauces.

Are you often under stress? If so, do not reach immediately for medications of which will have undesirable side effects. When you are nervous, simply clean the celery and eat it! It is rich in magnesium and essential oils so it will quickly reduce the anxiety and make you feel better.

Scientific studies have shown that the celery is rich in sodium and vitamin A. One stem of celery meets the daily need for this vitamin, which is essential for vision and eye health.

celery and its healing properties3

Celery protects against cancer! It’s rich with flavonoids, which have proved to be valuable cancer fighters. It particularly protects from colon cancer and breast cancer. It contains a substance, which can reduce bad cholesterol and high blood pressure. If you already have ate fresh celery, you have surely noticed that when you bite it, it is full of water! This will hydrate your skin and it will be fresher. The amount of fibers contained in it contributes to better digestion.

Although the celery can be inserted into a variety of foods, it is recommended to eat it fresh and uncooked because in that way you will have most benefit of its healing properties, and the utilization of vitamins and minerals is largest.

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