Find out more for Bruxism – teeth gnashing

Do you squeeze jaws and screech with your teeth when you are under stress and nervous? If you do, you are maybe suffering from bruxism.  Although most people do not pay attention to this situation, it should not be ignored.


  • Sensitivity of the teeth of hot and cold
  • Pain in the jaw
  • Increased jaw muscles
  • Headache
  • Pain in the ears


The exact causes of bruxism are not yet established and there are different views about it. The most frequent culprits are suggested stress and anxiety.

In addition, cause of bruxism can be hidden anger, consumption of alcohol and caffeine, smoking, sinus problems and sleep, poor arrangement of the teeth, lack of teeth, etc.



  • Relax yourself. Stress is the most common cause of bruxism. Find a way to get rid of stress. Choose to do an activity that relaxes you.
  • Do not eat or drink just before you go to sleep. If you eat or drink before bedtime, especially alcohol, it can make your condition worse. Therefore, avoid this habit.
  • Wear teeth protectors at night. They lower the pressure you unconsciously do on the teeth and protect them.
  • Put warm compresses on the face. Soak a cloth with warm water and place it on both sides of the face. It will relax the muscles of the jaw

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