You should sleep on your left side!

When it comes to sleeping, many people would advise you to sleep on the side that you are more comfortable. But, in fact Dr. Mercola, who is a doctor of osteopathy advise us that it is much better to sleep on your side, because it is healthier and plus it will prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

why is it better to sleep on the left side1

However, he said that it is best to select the left side. But why exactly the left?

We all know that sleeping is very important for physical and mental health. However, the duration of sleep is as important as the way you sleep. The position of sleeping can affect on your health, can help you in maintaining your skin younger and can improve your digestive health.

Sleeping on the back can be dangerous for those who suffer from asthma or some other breathing problems, it may cause difficulties. Sleeping on the right side can cause digestive problems while sleeping on the left side can improve them.

In holistic medicine, it is explained that the left side of the body is dominant relaxed side while sleeping on this side, the body has more time to filter toxins, lymph fluids and to reject them through the thoracic duct and lymph nodes. On the other hand, sleeping on the right side can slow down this process.

why is it better to sleep on the left side2

If you have not practiced sleeping on the left side by now, when you start doing it you will notice that your body becomes more efficient at discharging toxins, but it is quite normal.

To start sleeping on your left side, put your pillows behind your back in order not to turn at night, light the lamp on the right side and automatically the body will want to turn to the opposite side or simply lie on the opposite side of the bed.

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