Babies know who is good and who is bad person

From the sixth month of life, babies begin to recognize which from the people who surround them is good and which is bad. That sort of people is due to the unique capacity of the brain to divide the world into black and white.

Babies know who is good and who is bad person

In the sixth month, babies know or can feel the behavior of the people around them and to properly feel which people are more patient and better, and which are worse and nervous. The fact that a child who is not yet able to speak, can make social differentiation of the world is a phenomenon, says professors at Yale University. The conclusions are based on certain samples that are shown to the babies. The first one is a figure that climbs on a hill, the second one is someone who prevents the first figure to climb, and the third one is someone who helps the first figure.Babies have stretched their hands to the third figure. This confirms the fact that at an early age babies know what type are the people around them.

Babies know who is good and who is bad person2

Their colleagues, also from the United States, are claiming that the babies sleep almost 18 hours a day, but they actually study in their sleep. Newborns constantly process information they receive, even when they are sleeping.

This test was successfully conducted on 24 out of 26 babies

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