Avoid mosquitoes with this vitamin

With the higher temperatures in the summer, the mosquitoes are showing up. At night they do not leave us to sleep because of their buzzing over our head. But, in addition, they bite us and we wake up in the morning with a big red blisters on the skin. However, with our help you will avoid the mosquitoes this summer.

Avoid mosquitoes with this vitamin (1)

The vitamin B1 is known as thiamine and is important mineral that is required for the body. It plays a major role in strengthening the immune system and is a good ally in fighting against stress. It can be found in foods such as eggs, brown rice, yeast, cereals, asparagus and kale. You cannot have any side effects, because each plus taken vitamin is excreted in urine.

You can try additional creams or sprays against mosquitoes, but we believe that there is no better and more natural way than this one.

 But why exactly this vitamin is chasing the mosquitoes?

If you consume this vitamin, it will change your smell, which is not appealing to them. However, neither you nor other people can feel this smell. Even people who are chronic alcoholics or have gastric bypass and anorexia should regularly consume this vitamin as it significantly improves their situation.