Aronia – Characteristics and benefits

The black balls filled with healing nectar, sour taste similar to cornel and unusual flavor are a real vitamin bomb. They increase potency, heal the heart, are regulating the blood pressure, recovering blood vessels, melt cholesterol, prevent the occurrence of atherosclerosis. Aronia improves blood circulation in the blood vessels in the head and helps with headaches and migraines. Also improves the functioning of the thyroid gland, enhances and regulates the secretion of its hormones and helps with diseases. Cleans the blood, improves its circulation, reduces high blood pressure and reduces the amount of sugar in the blood. Soothes the cramps and the pain in the stomach, soothes inflammation of the lining of the intestine. Improves the functioning of the liver and helps in neutralizing harmful substances.


How to use it:

The juice or the tea from Aronia is very healing and encouraging drink for both older and younger people. No side effects and has beneficial effect on the immune system and body’s resistance system.

Except juice and tea, these precious fruit can be prepared as delicious jam, compotes, fruit pastes, jellies, syrups and various fruit desserts, but when mixed with other fruits, provides a rich aroma. It can be eaten fresh or can be frozen for later use. The fruits of Aronia contain a large amount of biofenol, tannins, flavonoids and anthocyanins. They also contain a large amount of carotene and protect the cells from damage, the eyes and the skin from dangerous sunburn.

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