7 bad habits that are destroying your teeth

Regular washing and cleaning of the teeth is not enough to preserve their appearance and their health. Sometimes everyday habits can ruin your teeth without you even know about it.

To maintain your dental health, make sure you get rid of these following habits:


1. The use of teeth as scissors

Many people use their teeth for splitting a piece of adhesive tape, for chocolate opening, cutting thread etc. Even if you are lucky not to make any visible damage to the teeth, such procedures can cause tiny cracks on the surface and the tips of the teeth. Frequent use of teeth as an auxiliary tool can lead to their distortion.


2. Brushing with pressure

You may think that the strong brushing will contribute to their thorough cleaning, but the truth is that the pressure can only harm them. Besides strong brushing, using a brush with hard fibers destroys tooths enamel, inflames the gums and increases the sensitivity of the teeth.


3. Nibbling fingernails, ice or hard candy

Nibbling ice often causes pain in the teeth and there is a reason for it. The pain should warn you that you are doing something harmful. The pressure that you are using for nibbling hard object can damage the outer protective layer of teeth, and often leads to breaking into small pieces of the tips of the teeth.


4. Aggressive use of toothpicks

Toothpicks are a great tool for removing particles of food from the narrow space between the teeth. But if they are used too aggressively, toothpicks can not only cause damage to the gums, but they can also damage the teeth.. Be gentle with the toothpicks and never fall into the temptation to chew them.


5. Gnashing teeth

Gnashing teeth can cause teeth spending, excessive sensitivity, breaking and even their fall. Moreover, this unconscious habit can lead to headaches, pain in the ears and jaw pain. Stress, anxiety and depression are some of the causes of bruxism.


6. Nibbling pencils and pens

While you you are working or studying, you place the top of the pen or pencil in your mouth unconsciously. If you notice that you have such a habit, just pay attention to her and remove it. You need an extra motive to quit this habit? Just think how many bacteria has on the surface of the object you are putting in your mouth.


7. Brushing your teeth immediately before and after a sour meal

You should never wash your teeth within 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after consumption of sour food (juice, wine, fruit, pickles, jam berries, energy drinks). If you brush your teeth before eating, you wash the saliva which protects the enamel from acid. If you still wash your teeth immediately after consumption of such food, you can damage the teeth and increase their sensitivity.

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