5 warning signs that your body lacks vitamin C

In the winter months, it is good to have a stronger immunity to defend against viruses and bacteria. It is therefore necessary to consume more vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C is a nutrient that we can find in most food products, but experts say it is in almost all fruits and vegetables. But although it is available in nature and our body accepts it, however bad habits and unhealthy diet without nutrients can lead to a lack of vitamin C, and thus to unwanted health problems.

vitamin c

Vitamin C is vital for our immunity, makes skin look healthy and soft, and helps in rapid healing of wounds. It is important for bones, because without it the body cannot accept iron and certain proteins that the body needs for healthy blood veins, tendons and ligaments.

Read these 5 warning signs which are showing that your body lacks vitamin C.

1. Constant feeling of mental and physical tiredness and exhaustiveness.

2. Change of mood accompanied by causeless anger and anxiety.

3. Drop in immunity because the body cannot fight against viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms, which cause bad infections and allergies.

4. Bleeding gums, tooth decay and change in their color.

5. Appearance of bruises on the body without a valid reason

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