4 GMO-Free Fast Food Restaurants

GMO-free fast food restaurants are coming into their own as the next big trend for health conscious consumers. In fact, did you know that seven out of ten people say they are willing to pay 34% percent more in food costs to eat out at GMO-free restaurants?

Health research in the U.S. has been slow to definitively point to medical issues related to long term consumption of GMO foods. This, however, has not stopped the legitimate concerns about the multitude of probable health issues associated with genetically modified organisms in our foods.

Organizations such as the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) and others have spoken out about the harmful use of chemically laden GMOs. Some independent research has pointed to serious health concerns as well, but much of the lack of verified information is due to politically driven news in this country.

This hasn’t stopped savvy consumers from being concerned about eating GMO foods. The upsurge in interest about purchasing and eating organic, chemically free foods continues to climb.

The fact that GMOs aren’t mandatorily labeled in the U.S., may make you think that it’s just impossible to avoid GMO foods when dining out. Thanks to consumer demands for non-GMO foods, one of the top trends for restaurants today is the offering of a GMO-free menu.

Here are 4 newer fast food restaurants that make it easy for you to grab a bite to eat and still avoid GMOs while dining out.

1. Sharky’s Woodfired Mexican Grill

4 GMO-Free Fast Food Restaurants (1)

This is a restaurant chain that specializes in Mexican food. Their key ingredients, such as corn and tofu, are guaranteed to be GMO-free.

2. The Organic Coup

4 GMO-Free Fast Food Restaurants (4)

This new restaurant chain caters mainly to West Coast consumers and guarantees to serve only USDA organic certified foods. It’s an up and coming restaurant with appeal to the pure, organic, natural food crowd.

3. Amy’s Drive Thru

4 GMO-Free Fast Food Restaurants (2)

This is a veggie fast food chain that is associated with the canned and frozen food brand, Amy’s Kitchen. This is another new chain first opened in the Francisco Bay Area. You can find shakes, burgers, and fries that are made mostly with local, organic food sources. All ingredients are non-GMO.

4. TownHall

4 GMO-Free Fast Food Restaurants (3)

This restaurant is located in Ohio City in Cleveland. It has revamped its menu to accommodate those who prefer an organic food menu. Offering non-GMO items, TownHall has plans to become Non-GMO Project Verified.

Obviously, some of these Gmo-free fast food restaurants are nationwide, while others are located only in centralized areas of the country. You may not yet have one in your area. However, there are other restaurants, as well, that have plans to offer GMO-free menus soon. So, keep your eyes open…no doubt one will be coming to a city near you!