3 worst breakfast options you sholdn’t eat

Breakfast is the most important meal during the day, so we should always be careful about what we eat in the morning. The Worst Breakfast Is Not Eating It At All. Skipping breakfast can make you gain weight, lose energy and think poorly. But also you should skip the worst breakfast options:


1. Bacon – breakfast with bacon contains large amounts of saturated fat and cholesterol. Additionally in bacon you can find a lot of processed nitrates which can cause a headache.

Cooked Greasy Bacon


2. Pastry with cheese and butter – they are empty carbohydrates with low nutritional value. They not contain a large amount of fiber and protein.


Breakfast with Cheese Pastries and Orange Juice
3. Energy bars – they look like something healthy that can satiate hunger, but think twice before you reach for them. One of these cookies contains as much sugar and calories as chocolate.


Energy Bars

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