15 interesting reasons for you to pick blackberries

There are many reasons why you should serve blackberries on your table or even better, to motivate you to make a walk in nature and directly to enjoy their benefits.


Read about the large number of beneficial effects and positive ingredients for health:

1. A cup of blackberries has only 62 calories

2. Blackberries are very rich in bioflavonoids and vitamin C

3. They are creating aversion to tobacco and thereby assist in quitting smoking

4. A cup of blackberries will provide 32% of the daily requirement of the body for fiber

5. They provide skin tightening in a healthy and natural way

6. The dark color places them in a group of fruits strongest antioxidant characteristics

7. Longer consumption of blackberries improves the memory and brain function

8. They contain a large amount of tannin, which helps against intestinal diseases, hemorrhoids and diarrhea

9. They assist in quick healing of tissues after injury or inflammation

10. Blackberries are protecting against heart disease, cancer and constipation

11. Tea from leaves of blackberries is used for healthy gums and helps with sore throat

12. They have a low sodium content

13. Very useful to relieve menstrual pains

14. The dose of vitamin K enables muscle relaxation

15. If the blackberries begin to receive orange colour throw them immediately because they have serious fungal infertility

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