Find out how the nature heals wounds

Today, there are thousands products that can help in the healing of wounds. Our nature is very rich with plants that can help us for our wounds, diseases and also can be used in beauty treatment. For that reason, more and more people are using the alternative medicine for their health. However, we offer several ways for that to happen on natural base.

1. Honey

The Nature heals wounds1

If you notice that your wounds are hardly healing, you should try to heal them with honey. Try mixing one tablespoon of honey and one egg yolk. Place the resulting mixture on a low heat and stir it until it thickens, but do not let it boil. Put the balm on the wound twice a day until it heals it. One more interesting recipe for honey can be found here.

2. Yellow-wort

The Nature heals wounds2

Very effective solution for healing wounds is a mixture of wort flowers and oil. You can use this combination only if you are not urgent, because before using, the This mixture should stay aside for 20 days and you can consume it only if you are not urgent.

3. Onion

The Nature heals wounds3

Doctors used onions in the past during the war. It is another example that the nature heals. You will accelerate the wound healing if you grate onions and put them on it. This procedure should be repeated several times for better effect. Onions are one of the great guardians of our health. More about onions on the following link

4. Aloe vera

The Nature heals wounds4

Aloe contains Vitamin C, Vitamin E and zinc. They provide him the ability to easily heal wounds. Cut a paper from aloe vera and drain the juice on the wound. It will help you to heal the wound faster.

Although more and more people are finding out that the nature heals wounds, the doctor’s advice should never be neglected.

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