12 tricks and tips about health

Look these 12 tricks and tips for your health and try to introduce them in your life


1. Water with lemon for problems with digestion

20-30 minutes before your meal, in a cup of warm water add one teaspoon of lemon juice and drink it.


2. Ice on the arm against toothache

Rub ice cube 5-6 minutes on the back of the hand, specifically the area that is like a “V”, and is located between the thumb and forefinger. There are nerves that transmit information to the brain responsible for pain in the hands and face. By stimulating these nerves, you can block pain signals that are sent to this part of the brain.


3. Vanilla flavor against stress

You feel tension and stress? Inhale aroma of vanilla. The smell of vanilla soothes, relaxes, reduces feelings of depression and improves the mood.


4. Brown rice instead of white against migraine

Brown rice contains more magnesium than the white rice and because of it, it reduces the appearance of symptoms of migraine. In addition, brown rice reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.


5. Ice against bruise

After impact, immediately place ice on the affected area. Ice causes narrowing of the damaged blood vessels and thereby reduces the swelling. The low temperature will “rigid” the place and will reduce the pain. The next day, put warm compresses to expand the blood vessels and to improve circulation.


6. Gentle stretching of the muscle against cramps

If muscle cramp occurs, gently stretch the muscle and massage it until you feel improvement. Stretching helps with cramps whether they are caused by dehydration, intense exercise, muscle damage or sitting too long in the same position.


7. Baby powder against smelly feet

To prevent the occurrence of the unpleasant odor in your shoes, put a little bit baby powder in your socks before you put them on. Baby powder reduces perspiration.


8. Rarely combing against oily hair

Oily hair should be combed as rarely as possible, because combing causes the scalp to produce more natural oils.


9. Reading a book for bigger concentration

While reading, you need to stay focused longer period of time. It makes you more careful, more practical and more objective, and also develops your ability to make decisions.


10. Eucalyptus oil against back pain

Apply eucalyptus oil on the area where you feel pain and gently rub it.


11. Cigarettes with milk for quitting smoking

Yes, it sounds strange, but many people confirmed that that quit them from this harmful habit. Dip your cigarettes in milk and let them dry. You can not smoke a single cigarette to the end, because it leaves an unpleasant taste on your tongue


12. An album with old photos against depression

If you are sad browse an album of photos of your childhood. Old photos can bring many memories and emotions. Well, in stressful situations just put your fingertips on a small photo that produces into you beautiful and positive feelings.

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