10 healthy benefits of dried apricots

Dried apricots are delicious food, beneficial for good health and have nutrients which are retained in their composition and after drying. All the health benefits of dried apricots are important and are helping the body against many diseases of the skin, hair, and are also excellent for the body as a whole. In their composition they contain calcium, potassium, vitamin A, iron, phosphorus and vitamin C.


Here are 14 healthy benefits of dried apricots:

1. Anemia

They are an excellent source of iron and help in the binding of hemoglobin, which is especially important for women during the menstrual cycle

2. Constipation

Dried apricots contain cellulose and pectin. Cellulose acts as insoluble fiber has a laxative effect, and pectin is important to maintain the water content of the intestine

3. Digestion

They improve and stimulate digestion, especially if taken before a meal

4. Fever

You can prepare compote and when you add honey, the effect is even greater. Besides helping to reduce and thirst

5. Skin

Prevents acne and cleans the skin from them, and is also used for exfoliation

6. Digestive system

Act as a gentle laxative for removing the remains of food from the intestines

7. Gynaecological health

Dried apricots are used as herbal medicine especially during pregnancy. With every day consumption they stimulate the secretion of milk for mothers. Also they help against infertility, spasm, bleeding and vaginal infections

8. Regulates heart rate

They are an excellent source of potassium, which is useful mineral and electrolyte for proper exchange of fluids in the body.

9. Good vision

Dried apricots contain high amounts of vitamin A, which is necessary for good vision and is a powerful antioxidant that helps with the removal free radicals from the body and thus keeps your eyes from cataracts or other damage to the ocular lens.

10. High blood pressure

They contain potassium, three times more than bananas and contain only negligible amounts of trace salt, dried apricots are very useful in lowering blood pressure.

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