6 tips for maintaining good vision and eye health

Many consider vision as the most precious sense, yet eye health is often neglected and forgotten to cultivate.

The digital and dynamic world in which we live often shortens us from sleep, and more than ever before we get tired eyes by continuously staring at computers, television screens, mobile phones… We forget that eye examinations are not required only to obtain a driver’s license but that they  should be done regularly for timely detection of any disease and vision problems.

healthy eyesight tips

In order to remove the bad habits that affect your appearance and to maintain good health of the eyes, it is necessary to observe the following tips:

1. When working on a computer, follow the rule “20-20-5”. Your computer can operate for 24 hours without interruption, but not you. You are not a machine. For every 20 minutes spent staring at the screen, make a 20 second pause, looking at an object that is 5 meters away from you. This will give you the needed eye break and you will avoid fatigue.

2. Do not avoid eye examinations. Most people avoid eye exams by saying various excuses such as “I used to have problems with eyesight, but now everything is fine” or “I see like a hawk, I do not need an eye examination.” The truth is that vision is not only on your ability to read, to watch the road, traffic signs and the nature around you. Realistically, you may have an eye problem without being aware of it. So, the next time do not avoid examinations at the ophthalmologist, but look for his expert opinion.

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3. Wash your hands regularly to prevent eye infections. When the hands come in contact with unclean objects, they become carriers of bacteria, and in contact with the eyes, they can easily cause infection. At the highest risk are users of contact lenses due to frequent contact between hands and eyes. If you fall into this group, it is of exceptional importance to wash hands before putting and removing the lenses.

4. Do not forget to blink while watching TV or sitting in front of computer. It’s easy to take your favorite series or to immerse yourself in interesting content on the Internet, so you stay wide-eyed the whole time. We remind you that you have to blink to protect your eyes. Blinking washes the eyes with natural tears and prevents drying.

5. Never use old or someone else’s eye makeup. Eye makeup does not last forever. Although having eye shadow looks nice, but makeup which looks good after 2-3 years does not mean that it is reasonable to use. Mascara is even more problematic and is not recommended to use more than six months after opening. If you notice a change in the smell and texture of makeup immediately get rid of them. Through timely changing makeup, you reduce the risk of infections. And another warning: Never use foreign eye makeup and do not share it, it doesn’t matter whether it comes to your cousin or best friend.

6. Try to sleep eight hours a day. The eyes as well as other parts of your body need a break. Lack of sleep can easily lead to eye fatigue, so it is advisable to aim for 7-8 hours of quality sleep.

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